is a small start up film production concern specialising in the production of 4K cinematic feature length films.

Based in Zurich, the activities of nrgpix extend to include artistic, technical and production services at all stages of the film production life cycle.


"The Eleventh Cut"

The life of four young friends living in Switzerland is destroyed when one of them upsets the status quo and tries to do something new. The reaction brings dire consequences for them all. Life will never be the same again.

"A Miscarriage"

Hannah is a 50 year old prisoner. At the age of 14 when she was was "Verdingkinder", achild forced into farm labour in Swutzerland, she was convicted of murder. Many yeara after her conviction, new evidence proves that she could not possibly have committed the murder. After her freedom life has a one more shocking revelation for her.

"The Third Hop"

Currently in pre production - an action film following the pursuit for justice through the fabulous scenery of the Alps.